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We would love to hear from you


If you're using this amazing automatic email system,

and you are unsure of what information is needed, the following information is helpful:

  • Location - home or park?

  • Suburb?

  • Time required and for how long, 4 hour, 7 hour or overnight hire?

  • Do you have power within 25m of your desired set up area?

  • What surface type will the inflatable be going on ie: grass, paving, concrete?

  • We need a wide access to the set up area of no less than 1 to 1.3m wide at the narrowest point, is this a problem?

  • Do you require a generator?

Please give us as much information about your event as you can to help us provide the best possible service we can.

I will always email you back quickly.

If you would rather you can call me directly:


Ph: 0429 141 362


Get in touch

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